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Life is an Art and Art Supports a Beautiful Life

Fifo - The Art of Life...

We are a group of self-taught artists who take pride in the individuality and originality of our creations.

The group is the brainchild of Fiona Burdett and together, our attitude is why should art only be enjoyed by the select few who can access original artworks and what about the people who do not have wall-space for displaying beautiful artworks.

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Those were the questions that inspired us to get creative and use our original artworks on functional products for people's homes! Imagine – whether it is a dish-cloth or a duvet-set, a lavish set of luxury cushions, or a simple mouse-pad – you too can have gorgeous, lively, beautiful and fun artworks in your home and as part of your day-to-day life. With each product showing the beauty and liveliness of the original brush-strokes, sketch-lines or the shadows and contours created by the curves of a sculpture – the feel of art in your home is what you will enjoy. Watch this space to keep up with our artists and their creations as well all have fun creating and then share that joy with you!

Who are the Artists involved… so far?



My art is how I celebrate the beauty, the fun, the greatness, and the courage that life, and this beautiful continent shows me every day! I have lived and worked all around Southern Africa and have also spent time in North-West Africa. The experiences I had had and the things I have seen all influence my creations in one way or another.

  • Fifo’s Black & White Wildlife

  • Fifo’s Table Runners

  • Fifo’s Fine Art Easter Rainbow Table Cloth

  • Fifo’s Fine Art Easter Table Cloth

  • Fifo Fine Art Cushion Decor

  • Fifo’s Cows

  • Naked Ladies At The Beach Mouse Pads

  • Baobab Luxury Pillow Case Blue Skies

  • Baobab Luxury Pillow Case Shaded

  • FB – Baobab Luxury Pillow Case Brown Tones

  • Luxury Donkeys Duvet Cover



Russel Taylor


I am young, and I guess I don’t look or behave like a stereotypical “arty type”. I enjoy sport, I love the outdoors and I am an adrenaline junkie. I get very bored by sitting in a classroom and I love to work with my hands and be active. I grew up mainly in Zambia before we moved to St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape. I have a crazy but fun family and an interesting life! I love animals and I find them funny too and I think that shows in my art.

  • Russels’ Cow 2

  • Russels’ Cow

  • Russels’ Dog



Kristi-Lee Landrey

My life has been very colourful and when I sketch or paint, I'm trying to transmute some of that colour onto a page or a canvas.

  • Chicken


Grant Norvall

I grew up in Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. My Dad loved the bush veldt and had a healthy respect for nature. Through him, I learned to love and respect nature in the same way, especially the beautiful veldt of Southern Africa. My favourite thing to paint is definitely landscapes. I am self-taught and an impressionistic style of painting is what I love the most. Capturing scenes as I perceive them has become a favourite pastime.

  • Farm Life

  • City Bay

  • Sunset Sail Boats

  • Autumn Walk And Nature Trail

  • Sail Boat and Nature Trail

  • Sail Boats



I live in Zambia not far from the Congo border. I love nature, and to me, nature is art! I try to share what I see by stylizing photos and doing floral art.

  • Elephants

  • Birds





Life-Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mom, Wife, Recovered Yo-yo Life-styler!

I am a certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. I help people in the same way that I learned to help myself!

I love what I do. I love the fact that my coaching is creating such positive results for my clients.

My life is going great… on almost every level (I am always looking at upgrading every facet).

I am focused, happy, motivated, healthy, strong, confident, and more comfortable in my own skin than I ever thought I could be.

It wasn’t always like that…

My journey has been varied and fascinating to say the least; I have experienced gut-wrenching heartache, betrayal, deep-seated self-loathing, doubt, and overwhelming sadness and anxiety.

I have waded through the heartache of the traumatic loss of my darling Dad and other precious loved ones in my life.

I have trudged through the trauma and anxiety of an exhausting first marriage and a messy divorce.

In my adult life alone, I have moved home and country more times than most of you would believe! (As did many fellow Zimbabweans looking to find safety, economic stability, and opportunity).

I have been stuck in jobs that I hated (whilst believing I had no other options).

I have sabotaged my health through a yo-yo lifestyle of extreme deprivation and excessive exercise, to binge eating and sitting on my ass all day!

I have suffered chronic pain and weakening health, (through my own choices).

Eventually, through all these things, I learned a new way of being, and I have come out the other side alive, well, and thriving!

No matter how low things may feel, we can all learn how to come out the other side alive, well, and thriving!

When you learn how to “unpack” the subconscious layers of your own mind, and then live by the simple Miracle of Mind Management, you too can begin a beautiful journey of transformation on every level!

Once I began to learn how the mind works, I finally realized that the power truly lay in my own hands. My potential for change, on every level, was locked up in a dungeon, but the key to that dungeon was my own mind!

As my life is now…I love the freedom of running my own business. I love the fact that my life is fun and has so much variety. My relationships with my kids are all going great, my marriage (2nd Hubby and beloved soulmate) is easier, happier, and more filled with love than I ever imagined possible.

Now I coach women all over the world to unlock their own potential, to fall in love with themselves again and to create beautiful new outcomes for themselves.

Together, let’s look at unlocking your mind power…

My training and my own life-journey, give me a unique opportunity to connect with, relate to, and help people from a place of very real experience.

My wish for each and every client that crosses my path, is that they will learn and implement new, positive, life-changing skills that help them to intentionally design their days as days of fulfillment, focus, achievement, self-love, and joy.

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